Thursday, 11 May 2017

Radiomuseum De Stove in Achthuizen

I found that only a few km’s away from where I live, there is a tiny radiomuseum called "De Stove" in the town of Achthuizen. Owner and builder Jan Dekkers has collected tube radios for many years. In his collection one can find one- and two-valve (‘lamp’) radios, lots of Philips tube radios, home built devices and even a small AM transmitter. The art deco interior and nostalgic decoration of the museum takes you back in time.

The address of the museum is Achthuizensedijk 12, Achthuizen (The Netherlands). Opening times are 13:00-16:00 hr. each Saturday afternoon.

Interior radiomuseum "De Stove"

Founder Jan Dekkers

Medium Wave receiver

Attic of the museum

 Home built 2-valve radio

 Home built AM transmitter

Collection Erres radios

Achthuizen (Goeree-Overflakkee)

Published in "QRP Nieuwsbrief" Nr. 162, June 2017


  1. Hallo Ron, als QTH locator geef je JO22dq op. Dit is bijna goed. Als je er één en twintig van maakt, heb je weer droge voeten. hi. 73, Bert

  2. Ja, moet JO21dq zijn! Scherp, dank Bert.