Tuesday 19 March 2024

Platform for KT0936M experiments

The little KT0936M receiver IC has surprised me. To find out and explore the possibilties of this chip I made a simple platform.

A multiturn potentiometer enables me to select any of the more then 20 FM and SW bands. This KT0936M is a DSP chip and therefore frequency selection is very accurate. I  listened to stable, small band, 14 MHz CW signals (in AM mode).

Today I connected an LF amplifier with a TDA2050 IC. I was surprised by the quality of the sound.

Anyway, I have to discover a lot.

How can I display the exact receive frequency. There is no Fout pin. Also how can I receive Single Side Band signals. This chip does not have an IF since it it is a DSP chip. So, how can a BFO be added. At which operating frequency ?

Anyway (2), I am enjoying the reception of the broadcast AM stations from all over the world in the evening hours. The fading, the different languages, the memories..

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