Friday 17 May 2024

Radio Caroline

Lately I have been experimenting with a KT0936M module on the medium wave. I discovered that Radio Caroline puts a firm signal strength at 648 kHz at my QTH. The music they play is from the 60’s-90’s. Like to hear their music through my 5 Watt tube amplifier 😊

Here   you can read that Radio Caroline returned to the medium waveband on 648 kHz AM as a legal broadcaster at the end of 2017, after applying for, and being granted, the Ofcom licence for the Essex and Suffolk areas of South Eastern England. Radio Caroline is using an RF power of one kilowatt from a Nautel ND2.5 transmitter.





  1. Radio Caroline that's a bit of nostalgia or too from the old box 🗃️
    Always nice to hear they are still broadcasting.
    Gerard PA2G

  2. Ja doet toch ook een beetje aan Radio Noordzee, Amigo en Veronica van vroeger denken Gerard