Sunday, 20 November 2016


I do not have access to hi-speed data links such as fibre optics ("glasvezel") in my new QTH Zuidzijde near Den Bommel at Goeree-Overflakkee (QTH locator JO21dq). 6 weeks without TV was not that difficult, but it would be nice to see some moving pictures now and then.

I discovered that people in the neighbourhood use satellites to receive TV transmissions.

CanalDigital is a popular satellite TV-provider. I bought a satellite dish and satellite receiver from them. After installing the satellite dish and programming the receiver, now I am able to receive about 300 stations from which a lot transmit in High Definition (HDTV).

In order to receive the Astra3 satellite, elevation of the dish is 29.5 degrees and azimuth is 23.5 degrees east. 15 meter coaxial low loss cable connects the dual LNB to the M7 receiver.

Satellite dish installed

Astra3  (at 23.5 East) receive parameters

Off topic;

Lighthouse in Ouddorp

Ouddorp beach

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