Sunday, 29 December 2013

HDR photography

Although not directly related to the radio hobby this part of the photo hobby might be interesting for you as well.

Yesterday we went to an area called Noord-Aa in Zoetermeer. I gathered some photoos with my Canon EOS1000D camera. Used a tripod for proper stabilization. The photoos I took, were a mix of overexposed, underexposed and normal exposed recordings, serving as building blocks for my first HDR pictures.

Joachim Seibert, PA1GSJ, reported on his new blog about HDR  (High Dynamic Range) photography:

I used the freeware program "Picturenaut3.2". This program allows you to upload a number of pictures and merge them into one picture with more/different details.

These are my first "acceptable" results:


  1. Hi Ron,
    well, actually it is sort of radio related. In qrss we use image stacking, which I ported there from astro-photography (in the beginning nobody believed that stacking could benefit). With stacking we can get rid of noise and improve the SNR.
    Back to radio, it might be a thought to receive the same frequency using 2 receivers w/ different aerials (one on the right the other on the left stereo channel), record the spectra and stack them.
    Just a thought...
    Nice photographs!
    73, Joachim

  2. Thanks Joachim,
    OK there we have the link between the radio and photo hobby. Yes, interesting principle stacking...

  3. Will try to make HDR pictures made with photoos with different diaphragma settings as you suggested, 73 Ron