Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ecoclassic lights

As an alternative for the dissappeared (banned) glowbulbs (incandescent lights), Philips introduced the halogen Ecoclassic lights. Philips mounted a halogen light inside an ordinary glass bulb with E27 or E14 fittings. Halogen lights are substantially more energy
efficient than normal incandescent lights.


These days the Ecoclassic lights can be bought at most supermarkets. Because those lights do not emit EM waves in the radio frequency spectrum hams may consider introducing this type of lights in their shacks.
The Ecoclassic lights are appr. 30% more efficient than their incandescent counterparts. Also this type of light is dimmable. Of course there is a disadvantage. An avarage 80 Watts Ecoclassic bulb only lives for appr. 2000 hours according to the specs, however that seems to be too optimistic.
Bulbs with electrical power over 100 Watts are now available again (up till 200 Watts). I recently bought a 105 Watt EcoClassic light (comparable with 140 Watts incandescent light, 1980 lumen) for 3 euro at the local supermarket.



  1. thanks for the info. i will make a note of your reference.

  2. I have really never seen these lights here in Canada yet but I imagine they will be here soon.

  3. Thanks Mike and Dick for your comments.
    At Amazon they are also for sale: