Friday, 14 March 2014

eAwards provides  global electronic QSL card exchange for amateur radio operators and SWLs.  Since 2005 I am using
This website provides an easy way of swapping digital QSL-cards.
As an eQSL-member you can participate in the eAward program.
There are several eAwards available (e.g. eDX100, ePFX, eWAS).

To my surprise, recently the ePFX300-PSK Award has been introduced.
I have been using the PSK mode often past years since it is an easy and reliable modulation
method for shortwave signals. Apparantly I have exchanged eQSL-cards with radiostations with 342 different prefixes using PSK in the past years.

Another piece of coloured paper to decorate to my "wall of fame" :-)

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