Friday, 18 July 2014


In my post of June 29, I described a trial to make an oscillator which generates an EM-signal with a frequency higher than 1 GHz. The circuit, in which a BFR96 was used, did work, but the oscillator appeared to be rather unstable. Certainly not stable enough to form the core of a simple 23 cm FM  TV transmitter I want to design. Also I do not want to waste time trying to make the design stable by using frequency divider/PLL circuitry. My experience with PLL circuits is not very good.

In my search on the internet for a stable VCO, I found the ALPS 1679C at Kingcom and ordered one ( kingcom(at) ). 

This VCO has a frequency range of 1100 - 1350 MHz. This covers the 23 cm HAM band (1240 - 1300 MHz). The VCO provides 1 mW RF output (0 dBm into 50 ohms).
I am curious to find out how this little device behaves.

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