Saturday, 4 October 2014

External antenna for UV-5R

It is easy to extend the transmit/receive range of a handheld transceiver. Simply connect a better, external antenna.
I made a simple SMB-BNC joint to connect an external antenna to my UV-5R.

With a 2m  HB9CV antenna it is quite easy to reach the repeater stations.
The repeater PI3UTR in IJsselstein came into range for me now on 145.575 MHz (shift 0.6 MHz, 77 Hz TX subtone) and it is rather easy to make FM QSOs.

The TX antenna of the repeater is located at an altitude of 220m and the receive antenna even higher (300 m). This repeater covers at least half of The Netherlands.

HB9CV for 145 MHz

                                      Gerbrandytoren Lopik, with PI3UTR repeater

Note: On the PI2NOS repeater (430.125 MHz) I was informed by Rob, PA3CNT that I should select 'WIDEBAND' in menu item 5 (W/N) of the porto to enlarge the modulationdepth of the transmitted signal. So I did, and modulation quality has certainly improved.

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