Thursday, 5 February 2015

Raspberry Pi 2

The Raspberry Pi Foundation's low-cost computer was an instant phenomenon upon its release in 2012, and now, just shy of three years later, it's back with a new one. The foundation has announced the Raspberry Pi 2, an equally cheap, equally tiny computer that's meant for use in a variety of electronics projects (including ham radio) and assisting experiments.

There are two key changes on this new model: its processor is now a lot more powerful and it includes twice as much RAM. What doesn't change is just as important: it still sells for about 35 euro (!).

The Pi 2 is running a quad-core, ARMv7 processor clocked at 900MHz (the foundation says that it expects power users to clock it even higher), and it includes 1GB of RAM. The Pi 2 will support WIndows 10. The original Pi included a single-core, ARMv6 processor at 700MHz and only 512MB of RAM. Aside from that, the new model is pretty much the same as the latest "Model B+" Pi board. It supports up to 4 USB connections, its primary storage is a Micro SD card, and it all fits on a small green board. The Raspberry Pi Foundation says that performance increases will vary depending on what you're doing with it, but on the whole, they're going to be substantial.

The Pi 2 comes with powerful software like Mathematica and Element14, which usually costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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