Saturday, 7 March 2015

ATV transmitter in "QRP Nieuwsbrief"

Today I received the newsletter "QRP Nieuwsbrief"  and saw that my article about the QRP ATV 13 cm transmitter was published on pages 12-15. I hope that my article inspires people to build this small transmitter. 
In this blog I posted a couple of entries about my ATV endeavours with this device.

The " QRP Nieuwsbrief" is the newsletter from the Benelux QRP club.


  1. Hi Ron,

    Very nice! Congratulations :-) The picture of the biquad antenna reminds me of my own endeavors on 2.4GHz. Mainly Wifi :D

  2. Tnx Erwin, ja ik weet nog goed dat je wifi bi-quads in de weer was; meer dan 10 jaar geleden al.