Thursday, 9 April 2015

BC-696 transmitter

This week, at the radio club, a green radio, BC-696 was shown. This transmitter has been revised by Mans, PA2HGJ. He designed a Power Supply Unit for the valve transmitter so now it can be fed with 230 VAC mains.
The BC-696 had been used in Worldwar II in bomber aircraft like the B-17.
The transmitter originally uses 28 VDC power and was operated in CW or AM voice mode. It has two 1625 tubes in the Power Amplifier and is capable of delivering 50 Watts RF in the 80 m band ( unit operates from 3 - 4 MHz).

                               Frontview BC-696 CW/AM transmitter 

                                                Top view opened BC-696

Bottom view 

Side view

PSU, designed by PA2HGJ

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