Sunday, 1 November 2015

MARS mod for FT-450

There is a way of extending the TX frequency range of the FT-450 transceiver. The so called “MARS” (“Military Affiliate Radio System”) modification provides out-of-the band operation of the transceiver. You can operate anywhere within the range 1.8-40 MHz after the transceiver has been modified.

The modification is simple. Just remove jumper JP4002 on the control pcb and make some settings. A description of the mod can be found here:

YouTube shows the instructions as well. For example this one for the FT-450D:

Example of out-of-band operation:

Jumper to be removed:

It took me some courage to open the transceiver and do the mod, but in fact it turned out to be rather simple.


  1. Good afternoon Ron, it sure is an odd feeling to bring a soldering Iron so close to your rig! I can remember doing the same thing with my K3 and not sure what the out come would be but as with you all turned out ok.

  2. OK Mike,
    Yes quite a relief when all works as before after first power on :-)
    73 Ron