Monday, 27 April 2020

50 MHz signals from India

When switching off my radio gear yesterday evening I was suprised to find a part of an FT-8 qso from India (QTH loc. JQ05) on my screen !

These were certainly the most distant 50 MHz ham radio signals I ever received:

QSO between VN4VUP and 8U8MBJ on the FT-8 screen.

What kind of propagation must this have been ? Multihop sporadic-E ?


  1. I suspect it was a bad decode Ron.

    I looked at the PSKREPORTER website and the RX/TX list for the last 24 hours (09:20 UTC Sunday to 09:00 UTC Monday) only shows you as the only station reporting that call.

  2. Ok John, thanks for your update. Yes it must have been an error in the digital universum. 73, Ron