Thursday, 26 September 2013

Green radio

Since a couple of years I have a SEM35 in my shack. This is an ex-army radio with a frequency range of 26 till 69.95 MHz. It provides 1 Watt RF output power and the rig can only be used in FM mode.
The rig accepts a DC input voltage between 14 and 28 Volts DC.

                                                      SEM35 radio

The SEM35 produces loud clicks ("kloenk")  when selecting a different frequency. In spite of the low output power I have been able to make some local contacts on 10 and 6m with this set.

I modified the handset by introducing an electret microphone. This improved the audio quality significantly.

The SEM35 can be found in the surplus shops for under 100 euro.

 SEM35, designed for portable use in spite of heavy battery pack (total weight 17.5 kg !)


  1. Ron I just bought a SEM 35 and am looking for more information. How can I contact you to ask some questions?

  2. My e-mail address is pa2rf(at)

  3. Just sent you some info Donald