Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nice QSO with Sahara

This afternoon I was lucky to find Mohamed, 7X3FG on 28 MHz band in PSK31 mode.
The signal from Mohamed was strong in Holland. My 20 Watt signal on 28.120 MHz was received in good shape as well in Adrar, Algeria in the Sahara desert
Mohamed shows nice pictures of his QTH in Adrar, Algeria in the Sahara on .
Have a look yourself.


  1. Good morning Ron, sounds like 10m is coming alive as I have read in other blogs that things are starting to heat up on this band. Very nice contact with only 20 watts.

    1. Thanks for your reply Mike, yes, I hope so. 10 m is very interesting when trying to contact US, Canada or VK. WSPR also indicates 28 MHz comes alive. 73 Ron