Friday, 18 October 2013

Worked All Continents Award

Doesn't that sound great ? "Worked All Continents". 
It is not that difficult to get this certificate on your "Wall of Fame". You only have to make 6 QSO's.

In  Oct. 2006 I applied for the basic WAC-certificate (mixed mode) with following contacts:

North America : W1ZS (14 MHz, PSK31)
South America : YV5AAX (14 MHz, PSK31)
Oceania : YB0JIV (14 MHz, PSK31)
Asia: RV9WP (14 MHz, SSB)'
Europe: SP6GOX (14 MHz, SSB)
Africa: EA8OI (7 MHz, SSB)

                                                  WAC on my "Wall of Fame"

Allthough I am not an award hunter, this award I treasure.

Here you can read everything about the WAC award and the application:


  1. Good evening Ron, very nice and well done! It's always nice to get some new wallpaper.

  2. Hi Mike, sure it is! I certainly can use some colours on the walls in my attic.
    73 & all the best from Holland

  3. Hi Ron, gefeliciteerd met dit award. 73 Paul

  4. Bedankt Paul, ik had 'm al een tijdje hoor, maar ik vind het een aanrader, vandaar...