Sunday, 11 May 2014

70 MHz propagation

Yesterday I switched on the 70 MHz transverter. After some hours I found a couple of Dutch  stations that detected my 5 Watt WSPR signal on 70.0926 MHz:

My signal was heard by PA0O, PA3EGO and PA7EY/1. Unfortunately there are not a lot of 4m WSPR stations. I hoped to be heard in the UK since yesterday some English 4m WSPR stations were active. 
Propagation conditions were not good enough to cross the Northsea this time. Maybe in a couple of weeks when better tropo or even Es comes available.

As you can see G3MXH was heard in the northern part of the Netherlands by PA0O. So WSPR sigs did cross the Northsea but my indoor antenna probably performs not good enough to capture the tiny radio waves.

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