Sunday, 18 May 2014

"Hollands Glorie" receiver

In 1978 I built the " Hollands Glorie"  receiver as published in the Amroh issue of "Jongens Radio" in 1969. I do remember I was so impressed by the results of this one tube receiver at the time. I have decided to re-build the receiver to see how it behaves in 2014.

Instead of the original ECL86 I will use the PCL86 (14.5 Volts filament voltage)


I do not have the original 402 Amroh core. So I have to re-engineer and re-build the coil.

Circuit receiver

Progress until now is as follows:

To my surprise on the www I found an article about the receiver in a "Dr. Blan" publication, on which the article in "Jongens Radio"  was based:

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