Saturday, 5 April 2014

80m WSPR with magnetic loop antenna

This morning I connected my forgotten magnetic loop antenna to the Yaesu FT450 for some WSPR trials on 80m. I made this (muliturn) magnetic loop antenna for 160m and 80m. On top there is a handmade varco to withstand the high voltages. The antenna does not look professional but it works. Tuning of this type of antennas is very critical because of the small bandwidth.

I inserted the well known 80m WSPR frequency of 3.592600 MHz into the Yaesu and the WSPR software. 

After half an hour operating at 5 Watts following stations popped up:

I will have WSPR running today to see how the antenna performs and have a look at changing propagation at 80m.

Update: It is good to see that even with a small indoor antenna and QRP power one can have a lot of radiofun. And even more, my house is 4 meters below sea-level ! Who said antennas must always be at high altitude ?

After a couple of hours WSPR-ing following unique stations have been identified


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