Saturday, 12 April 2014

Progress Signal Function Generator

Two blog entries ago I informed you about the Bulgarian function generator.
This morning I was able to finish the circuit:

Some initial tests showed the circuit works. Below you see the generator supplying a nice sawtooth:

Measured upper frequency is appr. 265 kHz. Final steps are the +/- 12Vdc power supply and the casing.

Since I had the oscilloscope, a Handykit HKS130, in front of me, I took the opportunity to apply some contactspray into the potmeters. After all those years they needed this. This type of kits were popular in the 1975-1985 era. It was fun to glance at the contents of the kit and to see how the scope had been designed:

                                        Contents oscilloscope Handykit HKS130

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