Sunday, 8 June 2014

6m WSPR signal reached Israel

Today was a nice, sunny day to clean up the garden. While doing this you can still excercise the radio hobby of course. Let WSPR do the work for you. Today I selected 6m for WSPR.

This was the result:

All stations that heard my signal were from The Netherlands. Except for one; Chris, 4X1RF, from Haifa at a distance of 3250 km picked up my 10 Watt signal at 50.294 MHz.

                                                              4X, Haifa

This is definitely a record for me on 50 MHz. It is not my antenna that get the honours. That's just a simple dipole. Must have been (double-hop) Es that realized the communications link.

                                         Dutch WSPR stations encountered on 50 MHz

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