Saturday, 7 June 2014


From the website I installed the latest version of SDR#.
This is version v1.0.0.1285. With the previous version of SDR# I sometimes experienced a sudden stop while receiving strong signals. This anomalie seems to be solved in this version which I run on my PC with Windows7.

This beautiful program enables you, while using a cheap DVB-T dongle, to receive the radio spectrum from 50 to 1.8/2.2 GHz with a variety of modulation methods (AM, NBFM, WBFM, SSB, DSB, CW). 
In the picture above, I selected part of the 2m band. I tuned into 145.575 MHz which is the repeater output frequency of PI3UTR.

The dongles are for sale at eBay for less than $20.
For example the one I bought for $12 (incl. free shipping) has a R820T tuner with upper frequency limit of 1.8 GHz.

Another example (incl. antenna and remote control for less than $10 incl. shipping)

The frequency range you can receive depends on the type of tuner installed in the dongle:

R820T: 50...1800 MHz
E4000: 52...2200 MHz

I have heard/seen a lot of signals with an indoor wire of 1.5 meter connected to the dongle. For example:

=> 2m and 70cm ham radio operators
=> ADS-B aircraft transmissions at 1090 MHz
=> AM transmissions in the aircraft band around 132 MHz
=> FM broadcast stations around 100 MHz

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