Friday, 13 June 2014

Video test patterns

Some months ago I needed a device to generate my callsign and location on my ATV 23 cm signal. For this purpose I found and built the PicoOSD.
There is another possibility. Use a DVD player which has an USB interface and a composite video output to connect to the ATV transmitter. On a USB stick you can store video test patterns (or other pictures) and show them in a slide show for example.

With the program mentioned in the article below it is easy to generate test pictures as shown.

A small modification to the Telefunken DVD player makes a composite video signal available (the red wire)

Contact 17 and 19 of the SCART interface provides the composite video signal for you:

On the right hand side you see the yellow cinch plug that transports the composite video signal. I installed the cinch connector on the front of the DVD-player for easy access.

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