Thursday, 25 July 2013

Den Helder is calling

In spite of the high temperature in my attic (still over 25 degrees C) another nice voice  radiocontact this evening was with Maarten, PD1MZ from Den Helder. We had a chat on 40m, 7087 kHz in LSB. Nice to hear that Den Helder did not change that much. About 25 years ago I worked for the Dutch Royal Navy and had to visit Den Helder a few times a year so it was good to hear that the navy vessels are still there. I used 15 Watts and Maarten about 40 Watts to establish the link. Den Helder is about 90 km away from my QTH Zoetermeer.
Below you see the antenna configuration of Maarten;


  1. I was in Den Helder Marine Museum and very much enjoyed the Communications display. I saw several sets that interested me. I did not have my camera so wasn't able to take a picture. I think I saw a TCS Collins set on display but didn't know at the time. Since then I have bought, repaired and put in operation a TCS 13 rx and a TCS 11 tx (3705 mornings here.) I wonder if anyone knows if that is so. Dutch Navy and TCS radios on display. My XYLs cousin, Harger Peeck, from nearby Schoorl asked me did I think I would be able to fire those radios up and run them without someone training me. I said probably. I think he doubted me. If I knew they were TCS sets I would email him and tell him definately YES. It was he who took us there. He picked us up at the end of the Hoorn Stream train ride and drove to Den Helder. Don VE3LYX 73

  2. Dear Don, thank you for your nice reply this first day of 2017. Good to read that you are visiting Noord Holland. Schoorl is a nice village near the beach indeed. I am not familiair with tcs radioos. Steam train Hoorn-Medemblik is famous. On the island of Goeree-Overflakkee where we live now we have a steamtrain in Ouddorp. Hope you enjoy the stay in Holland. At the time I liked Canada a lot when I visited Toronto 73 Ron