Saturday, 27 July 2013

Good ATV repeater reception

In spite of a lot of rainfall today (we were surprised by local lightning and heavy rainfall about noon) the reception of the local ATV repeater PI6ZTM at 10.5 GHz was still fine.

                                        PI6ZTM received on LNB without dish on my attic roof

Rain is a known attenuator for EM-signals in the GHz range. Apparantly the PI6ZTM signals on 3 cm were not influenced that much. The signal is quite strong at my QTH. Repeater antennas are about 60 meters high on a building "The Blankaard" about 5 km from my QTH. Therefore it is not a real challenge to receive the ATV repeater.

Heavy rainfall above the mid of The Netherlands (including Zoetermeer) this afternoon.