Wednesday, 31 July 2013

International Space Station Bouncing

DJ5KAR and PA3FXB have succeeded in the first ISS Bounce lately. In principle similar to EME (Moonbounce), however with some differences:  The ISS is much closer to the earth and it moves with a higher velocity. Anyway, both ham’s succeeded in the first ISS Bounce ever (in the 23 cm segment).  The limited reflection area of the ISS required more EIRP than when doing an EME excercise.  The earth antennas had a diameter of 3 meter.  The doppler effect was another difficulty to solve. On the VHF-band the doppler shift should have been 5 kHz up / down. Using the 23 cm band (1.2 GHz), however , resulted in a shift of 60 kHz (!)



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