Sunday, 28 July 2013


Sometimes one can be lucky. On the local fleemarket in Zoetermeer, some years ago I bought for some euro's a pcb of which I tought it contained interesting components. Of course this pcb ended on my junk pile in the corner of the attic and I forget about it. Till some days ago I searched for SMD components for the prescaler of the frequency counter. I re-discovered the pcb and found it is a real goldmine.
It contains 4 times a NE602 smd ic, 8 opamps LF353, some NE604, xtals and lots of SMD capacitors and resistors. Also coils and an UHF tuner is present. Must have been a pcb from a CATV device I guess.
Anyway, I am glad with all the new components. Removing the SMD capacitors for the prescaler was succesful.

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