Friday, 26 July 2013

Magnetic loop antenna with coil tuning

Richard, PE0RIG designed a magnetic loop antenna some time ago with an original method of tuning:
A small ferrite core inside a coil realizes the magnetic loop antenne to be tuned.
No expensive vacuum glass capacitors - which are often used in this type of antennes - are required. The antenna is designed for the 80m band and is constructed in a way that portability is garanteed.
Two fixed value high capacitors (120 pF / 10 kV) are used; this type of capacitors can easily be found and are not expensive. 

Richard has used this antenna with SSB RF powers up to 100 Watts and that is a lot for this type of antennas. I would keep great distance from this antenna while using this amount of power. (Magnetic) fieldstrengths are enormous  in the near field of this antenna. Take care !

The complete story:

This article was published earlier in the "QRP Nieuwsbrief 132, December 2009" 


  1. The pdf file is NOT FOUND. Looks like an interesting design.

  2. Check out this URL -

    This seems to work - Although it is in Dutch -

    I downloaded this on Feb 27 2018