Saturday, 31 August 2013

1.2 GHz 2 Watt PA, a begin

While waiting for the CLY15 to arrive, today I started with the PA for 1.2 GHz.
Used a simple unetched PCB to cut-out the striplines.
Decided to use SMA connectors instead of BNC. BNC runs appr. until 1 GHz.

In the back you see the 1-channel 1.2 GHz video module that provides 100 mW.

Next step: Components for the power supply on a seperate pcb. I installed 3 parallelled 7805 which make 3 Amps available at 5 Vdc and a 7905 for the adjustable -2...0 Vdc Vgs. Also the 3 varco's on the striplines have been added:

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