Saturday, 10 August 2013

Uniden 2m transceiver

While surfing the internet in 2011, I visited
The transceiver section showed a transceiver that was very familiair to me:
The 145 MHz FM transceiver Model 2030 from Uniden (made in Japan). This set is
designed for mobile use and offers 12 channels in the 2 meter band making
transmissions with 10 Watts RF possible.

With a similar 2m set (Zodiac Gemini) and a Ferranti 2m Yagi I made my first 2m FM
QSOs in 1980/1981 when I still lived in de Betuwe (Culemborg). At that time I had
a limited D-licence; you were only allowed to work on 6 frequencies in FM in
the 2m band. Since the price of the used set was acceptable I immediately ordered
the rig.

After being delivered by TNT-post, incl. 'operation manual 'I connected the Uniden 2030
to a simple GP antenna. After some CQ's on 145.500 MHz, PA65L from Leiden responded.
Everything worked fine !

No frequency synthesizers or PLL in this rig, but 12 discrete Xtal positions. That's how
it was done in the late 70's.

Crystal positions are as follows:

1) 145.250 MHz
2) -
3) 145.500 MHz
6) 145.400 MHz
7) 145.175 MHz
8) 145.000 MHz
9) 145.100 MHz
10) 145.050 MHz
11) 145.200 MHz
12) 145.075 MHz

The Uniden has a switch to set the output power; you can select 1 or 10 Watts.
The transistor producing 10 Watts is a 2SC1605A. An 'automatic protection circuit'
assures that the PA is switched off when the SWR becomes too high.


  1. Hallo Ron,

    Ik zag deze set ook op 2e handszendamateur en moest onmiddelijk terugdenken aan eind 70 tot begin jaren 80 dat ik ook zo'n set in mijn auto had.
    Een geweldig goed apparaat, ik heb daar goede herinneringen aan. Leuk dat jij hem gekocht hebt. Veel plezier ermee.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Dank voor je reactie Hans. Is inmiddels al weer 2 jaar geleden dat ik 'm gekocht heb. Na het qso met Leiden nog een paar locale qso's kunnen maken. 73

  2. This radio was sold in the USA under Midland, Clegg and several other brands. I recognize the "UNI" logo on the rear panel and on the schematic. This was Uniden;s corporate logo from when they were "Uni Electronics Corporation" prior to October 1974.

  3. Just got one of these from my radio club, not powered it up yet but I hope to use it as a mobile rig. Will be the first time Ive used a crystal transceiver!

  4. Interesting that those oldies are still used. Good luck with the mobile use!

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