Thursday, 29 August 2013


I would like to do some ATV trials in the 23 cm band. For this purpose I have a small ATV module that transmits on 1256 MHz with appr. 100 mW. This is not enough to reach the local ATV repeater PI6ZTM. Therefore I am looking for a PA to boost the 100 mW signal.
Lately I discovered the CLY15 GaAsFET. This FET is often used in GSM and WiFi equipment and is manufactured in large quantities.

It is able to produce appr. 2 Watts up till 2.4 GHz. It's very small (SOT223 housing). Power supply voltage is max. 6 Vdc.
I found that it requires a negative Gate Source voltage to operate.
Because this type of FET is so cheap ($2), I ordered 2 of them at eBay for some trials.

If less power is required, the CLY5 or CLY10 can be a better choice.

CLY 15 specs

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