Friday, 23 August 2013

PA2RF / Bike mobile

Today was a good day for out-of-the-house activities. Expected temperatures about 25 degrees Celsius, attic radioshack temperatures similar or even higher.  I decided to enjoy the nice weather by grabbing my bicycle and make a nice trip into "Het groene hart" ("The green heart"). Finally it turned out to be a ride of appr. 29 km. 

Of course I took with me some radio equipment: A JingTong 2m porto with 2 Watts output. Even about 15 km from my QTH Zoetermeer, I was able to make contact with the local repeater on 145.750 MHz, FM. I had two nice chats with Jack, PA7RJ. I found out that the JingTong porto works fine after not being used for allmost one year and 2 Watts is enough for smalltalk.

Switched on the app "MyTracks" on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) to record my track using the GPS satellites. It makes a nice track on Google maps as you can see in the picture above. I really recommend this app.

Some impressions of my bike ride today:

                                   "De Wilck" 600 acres of protected environment

 This is the place where your Heineken beer comes from. The factory is located in Zoeterwoude

                                         These guys block my way...

                                          Quiet area in the "Randstad "

Some statistics recorded by "MyTrack" ;

Totale afstand: 29,92 km (18,6 mi)
Totale tijd: 1:43:28
Verplaatsingstijd: 1:35:47
Gemiddelde snelheid: 17,35 km/u (10,8 mi/u)
Gemiddelde verplaatsingssnelheid: 18,74 km/u (11,6 mi/u)
Max. snelheid: 24,46 km/u (15,2 mi/u)
Gemiddeld tempo: 3,46 min/km (5,6 min/mi)
Gemiddeld verplaatsingstempo: 3,20 min/km (5,2 min/mi)
Snelste tempo: 2,45 min/km (3,9 min/mi)
Max. helling: 17 %
Min. helling: -15 %
Opgenomen: 23-09-2013 14:59
Verzonden vanaf Samsung Mobile


  1. Hoi Ron, mooi zo mobiel ritje, en al die data. Ik vind koeien ook leuk, maar wel achter een hek. ;-) 73 Paul

  2. Ja mooie plekjes genoeg in ons dicht bevolkte landje, zelfs hier in de Randstad. In het noorden zal dat wel nog beter geregeld zijn. Ja die koeien hebben een voorkeur om op het smalle fietspad te gaan liggen, lekker warm asfalt denk ik.
    73 Ron