Tuesday, 20 August 2013

pico OSD

In order to be able to add information to my PAL video signals I looked for a simple 
circuit that can do that. I found the PicoOSD (" Overlay Superimposer Device "). 
This circuit with only a tiny 12F683 PIC superimposes information
(like text and clock info ) over an existing PAL composite video picture.

I built the experimental circuit (which is only the pic, 25 MHz xtal and 2 15 pF capacitors) on a breadboard. 
After programming the 12F683 the circuit worked immediately. 
In the picture you see on top of the screen the elapsed time info. This is what the pico-osd does.

 The clock info on top of the screen comes from the pico OSD. I am  impressed!

Now the real challenge comes with reprogramming the source code in order to make my callsign and QTH locator visible. Not so easy since the program is written in " C ".

                                            Experimental OSD on breadboard

Also have soldered the circuit on a piece of veroboard and now must integrate 
the small circuit into the existing video switch/pattern generator.

                                            OSD on vero-board

All the details:


Compliments to Bruno Gavand who develloped this project. Amazing what a 50 cents PIC can do for you !

                          Elapsed time shown on scene of "Bladerunner" with Rutger Hauer

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