Friday, 2 August 2013

Confirmation reception MW broadcast station VAHON Radio

Triggered by an article in the latest Electron, I tuned in to VAHON AM Radio last Thursday. I used my 30 years old Kenwood tuner/receiver on the base floor to listen to this local medium wave AM broadcast station which broadcasts in Hindustan language on 1557 kHz.
In the morning the reception at my QTH was better than in the evening. VAHON transmits with a 1 kW AM transmitter. The antenna is a T-shaped type at appr. 27 meters height about 15 km’s from my house near the village of Stompwijk. Because of the small distance to the transmitter it must have been the ground wave I received.
Just for fun I sent in a SWL report to the QSL manager of VAHON-AM and was surprised to found a reply with an electronic QSL in return:

                                              Electronic QSL from VAHON

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