Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Video switch ready

I finished the video switch/pattern generator. 
This box enables me to select (2) external inputs or a test pattern bar and make the signal available on the cinch output bus. 

 On top of the external video signals, the pico OSD superimposes the elapsed time. 

 Main components used for this device: 

CD4060 => pattern generator 
TEA2014A => video switch 
PIC 12F683 => pico OSD 

After all this gadget did not cost me that much: 

Housing and mains connector/switch : retrieved PSU housing from old PC. Had to paint it. TEA2014A : from old Samsung TV pcb 
PIC 12F683 : bought from eBay $1.20 
CD4060 and most components : junk box

                                                     Application TEA2014A

Since the "LF" part is more or less finished, now I am ready to start with the RF part of the ATV 1.2 GHz transmitter.

Still one wish: Reprogramming the PIC 12F683 to make my callsign and QTH locator visible below the elapsed time of the pico OSD. I have to study " C " language and find a suitable C-compiler to do this.

                                                                Test pattern

                   One of the two external inputs with time elapsed info from the pico OSD

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