Friday, 2 August 2013

70 MHz Whispering

Yesterday evening it was too hot (25 degrees C at half past 9) to stay inside or even worse, sit behind the rig in the attic. A perfect moment for unmanned radio beacon operation while sitting in the garden. The homemade 70 MHz transverter and FT450 rig were switched on and the WSPR program was enabled on the PC. Only two Dutch 4m stations were active on 70 MHz yesterday evening (PA0TBR at 61 km and NL8992 at 138 km).
In spite of this low amount of WSPR participants on 4m it was good to see that both stations picked up my 10 Watt WSPR signal at 70.0925... MHz transmitted via an indoor inverted-V antenna in the attic. Later in the evening I found a nice eQSL card from Anthonie NL8992 from Ommen (Drente) - showing his farm in the snow - in my eQSL inbox.


70 MHz WSPR activity Aug.1/2013 in the evening


  1. WSPR:

  2. Tnx for nice comment regarding my spot and card, Ron

    73 de Anthonie NL8992

  3. Jij ook bedankt voor je mooi kaart Anthonie. Wat gebruik je als ontvanger / antenne ? Ben benieuwd. 73 Ron

    1. RX AOR 230 BLACKBOX 0-3,2 GHz ant dk7zb 7 el tribander voor 2 4 6m